MARIETTE – porcelain vase sand

84.00 incl. tax

A vase with a wide range of design possibilities. The porcelain vessel in the centre can hold several flowers at once. Surrounded by ten glass eprouvettes, which can also house individual plants, this creates a unique and changeable arrangement. A special eye-catcher – with and without plants.

Vase also available in white!

With the vase composition MARIETTE, dried plants and fresh cut flowers can be presented together in one vase. MARIETTE invites you to create!

The porcelain vessel in the center can hold a small bouquet of flowers, but can’t stand alone. Only through the support of smaller glass vessels all around, which also function as separate vases for individual flowers, the object becomes a unit. The individual parts can be easily separated for uncomplicated cleaning. In addition, the components can be replaced at any time.

The vase inside is made of Limoges porcelain and is available in different colours. A durable silicone strap holds the lenses in place – simple but effective.